The Swift Starter Kit
for launching iOS apps fast.

SwiftStarterKits is a production ready library of Xcode app templates and SwiftUI interface components.

Launch native apps faster using a Firebase integrated Xcode template that's ready to ship.

Save hundreds of engineering hours with our growing library of SwiftUI components.

Lifetime access to the whole repository for only $249 $99*.

* early access pricing for a limited time.

What's included

Everything you need to get from idea to App Store. In days, not months.

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Production-Ready Xcode Workspace

You'll receive an Xcode project containing everything you need to quickly build a native app of the highest quality.

Your project contains a complete application with end-to-end user authentication, analytics support, crash reporting, and an extensive SwiftUI component library covering common usecases.

Everything is pre-configured and ready to build, test, and upload to TestFlight.

SwiftStarterKits is a production ready library of Xcode app templates and SwiftUI interface components.
SwiftStarterKits includes a complete Firebase integration and user authentication flow that's built with SwiftUI.

End-to-end Authentication

User authentication screens for sign-in, sign-up, and account settings have all been pre-built. We've even included all the boring self-service user flows for password reset, password change, email change and verification.

All the bells and whistles expected of thoughtfully-made software are handled: Error modals, loading indication, keyboard management and app background states.

Because this template is fully integrated with Firebase, you'll have a fully functioning cloud-ready app on day one, so you can focus on building your app without managing databases or web servers.


SwiftUI Component Library

Custom loading indicators, input fields, modifiers, styles and extensions are included. These components are themeable, support dark mode, and fit in seamlessly with the SwiftUI standard library.


Firebase Integration

No need to build a backend or manage servers. Firebase is hooked up and ready to sign-in users using password + email authentication, and store data securely using Firebase Cloud Firestore.


Crashlytics Integration

Monitor releases and inspect crash reports in real time using the integrated Crashlytics framework. You'll also be able to monitor performance metrics, making it simple to gain insight to the overall health of your app.


Build Automation

Test, Beta and Release build configurations are integrated by default, making it easy inspect and change environment variables used at compilation time, and extend your project into a CI/CD pipeline.



You'll receive detailed onboarding instructions with your purchase, which will guide you in building and setting up your code base. The project is well documented, and we're working hard on creating detailed documentation using DocC that will be hosted and freely available.


Community Access

We are a growing community of builders focused on shipping high quality native apps. Join our Discord server for support, to report any issues, or to get feedback and testers for your app.


Transparent Roadmap
(coming soon)

SwiftStarterKits is young, and there's a ton to do! We have a million ideas of what to work on next, but want to focus on the highest priority items for helping you build profitable mobile apps. Once we roll out community access, our roadmap will be a collaborative process.


In-App Purchases + Subscriptions
(coming soon)

At the top of our roadmap is to provide fully integrated support for in-app purchases and subscriptions, along with flexible payment onboarding screens configurable to your brand and business model. We're integrating RevenueCat to provide maximum ease of setup and maintenance.


Source Code Repository Access
(coming soon)

We'll soon be rolling out access to our private Github repository alongside the purchase of a license. This will give you the ability to file issues, bug reports, and remotely access the app template and component library. Additionally, you'll be able to access unreleased template and component updates before anybody else.

How it works

Painless setup, reliable support. Start building your mobile SaaS in minutes.



Download the Xcode project containing the complete source code. You'll receive a project download link via email after purchasing a license.



Customize your project with a unique app identifier, hook up your Apple Developer account, and integrate the generated Firebase Info.plist.



Compile and run. You can now start building your app, with plenty of help along the way from the SwiftStarterKits documentation and Discord community.


Lifetime access, unlimited updates. Flexible plans for teams of all sizes.

A SwiftStarterKits personal license allows a single developer to launch unlimited apps to the App Store.



(One-time payment)

For the Solopreneur.

  • A single developer can build and launch unlimited apps.
  • Lifetime access to the whole library of SwiftUI components and Xcode App Templates.
  • Continuous fixes and updates.
  • Early access to new templates.
  • Github repository access (coming soon).
A SwiftStarterKits Team license allows team of 3 or more developers launch unlimited apps to the App Store.



(One-time payment)

For teams that need flexibility and speed.

  • Everything from the Personal license.
  • A single team of 2 developers or more can build unlimited apps.
  • On demand source code and community access for anybody on your team.

Frequently asked questions

What is SwiftStarterKits?

SwiftStarterKits is an Xcode project filled with components and templates, built with Swift, SwiftUI and UIKit. It exists to get you 80% of the way to a production ready iOS app on day 1 by providing a collection of premade native UI's that cover common usecases.

Rather than starting with the default empty Xcode project, you start with a ton of extra work done for you.

If you'd rather start from an empty slate (we do too sometimes), SwiftStarterKits can also be used as a general toolkit that lives in your filesystem. You can drag and drop only what you need into your Xcode project.

Think of SwiftStarterKits as your own personal platform engineering team, with libraries and tools being built and maintained for you.

Who is SwiftStarterKits for?

SwiftStarterKits is for developers of Apple's platforms (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS) who want to launch apps in less time.

This toolkit works well for the beginner looking for guidance, experienced engineer who values their time, or entrepreneur looking to accelerate an MVP.

SwiftStarterKits also is great for web developers who are looking to build a native equivelent of their web app, but don't have prior experience building a native app within Apple's ecosystem.

Can I use SwiftStarterKits on my existing project's codebase?

Absolutely. SwiftStarterKits modules are designed to be dragged into external Xcode projects, as-is. The codebase is modular, and components can be re-configured and used in new projects with minimal effort.

What if I decide I don't like it after I buy it?

SwiftStarterKits has a permissive refund policy. You can email support within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund. No questions asked.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Send us an email or submit your question on our Discord , we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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